Making Money Online By Doing Surveys

What Is It?

There are many companies out there doing market research for new/improved products and need input from people like you and the company you work at.

How Does It Work?

Once you register in the app you will see a list of surveys you are eligible for. Many apps will tell you roughly how long the survey takes and how much you make for it. Each survey can takes about 2-30 minutes. You are paid at the end. Some apps give you store credit (such as Google Opinions) and some give you points/money that you can take out as either gift cards or cash when it reaches a certain threshold.

There are only so many surveys to do at any given time and you get a notification when new ones are available.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Under $50/month. Many of these surveys pay 50 cents-$2 and there are limited number of surveys to do. However since they are so short, this isn’t a bad way to make some money on the transit ride to college or during a break.



  • iPoll
  • Google Opinion Rewards


  • Most surveys ask intro questions to screen non-ideal candidates and unemployed people are typically screened quickly. If you are unemployed, fill in the entire survey as if you worked at your last job.
  • Read every survey question, even if it slows you down. There are trick questions scattered throughout the surveys that basically are “select second answer or you will be disqualified and make no money”.
  • Some survey sites also allow you to make money watching videos or playing games. Avoid doing these as often they payout is extremely small.

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