Making Money Through Micro Tasks

What Is It?

Micro tasks are very small pieces of work that people (publishers) post on certain sites/apps for a very small amount of money and people can select which ones they want to do.

How Does It Work?

You first signup at one of the micro tasks apps/websites. Once accepted, you can see all the available micro tasks on that site to choose from. Unlike other online gigs that are specialized, like surveys, these are quite varied and range from short image recognition exercises, testing games, answering surveys, finding emails addresses and more. Each one will show you the fee up front if you complete it successfully.


Once you select the micro task you are given a set amount of time to complete successfully. Keep in mind that many of these jobs have a very low payout (under $0.25) but would required 10-20 minutes to complete so they are not likely worth the effort. On the other hand, the higher paying jobs have a lot of competition so if you see one that you are qualified for, select it immediately.

These are sites that people typically use as a last resort to make money online. The payout is very small and sometimes it is hard to decent tasks. However, there usually is work to do and if you have nothing else, some money is better than none

How Much Money Can You Make?

Under $50/month off the start until you get access to the higher paying tasks ($2-$10). Even when you have access to them, it will be difficult to find many of them so you will be very lucky to make $200/month.


However, much like sites that specialize in surveys, this is one way to make some small spending money while in transit to school.



  • Don’t sign-up for tasks you really don’t think you can complete. Failure to complete tasks impact your success rating which can prevent you from getting the higher paying jobs.
  • Filter out extremely low paying tasks. Some of the jobs on these sites pay far less than minimum wage. There are many tasks to do 10 minute survey or download and test a game for $0.25 or less.

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