Making Money Online By Licensing T-Shirts and Logos Designs

What Is It?

Unlike traditional graphic design selling or having an online store, in this case you design logos and license t-shirts it to other companies that take care of making, distributing and selling the product.

How Does It Work?

You first setup an account at one of the specific online markets. Then you upload your designs in and choose which outfits/items they will go on and your margin (10-30%). The site will then make your products available at a base price plus your margin. If someone purchases your shirt/sweater then this company will take care of making the shirt, sending it to the person and dealing with any shipping issues. They will then give you your margin.


One thing great about this approach is that is it fairly passive income. After you upload the design you could continue making money off of it many months later.

Success here comes down to quality of design of the t-shirts, marketing and sheer number of designs you create. Every online market has thousands of designs on them. Sticking out and selling large numbers of a couple items will be difficult, especially if it is poor quality or you don’t market them. People who make a living doing this uploads 100+ designs and regularly advertise their designs on social media.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Starting out after a few months you will be lucky for $500/month. After six months if you are very successful you could be making $2000/month. A handful of the most successful people make $5000+/month. Keep in mind that it takes time to make sales, each sale is not a lot of money and many make very little money doing this.




  • Making a design that looks great on a shirt is much harder than you may think and is one area you can waste a lot of your time initially perfecting. You have to take into account coloring, texture, image size and overall image quality. This article from Redbubble talks about the best way to do this.

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