Making Money Through Online Coaching/Tutoring

What Is It?

By leveraging an online tutor platform you can either have your own designated students you pick and tutor or every time you login you are randomly assigned someone who has questions in your area of expertise.

How Does It Work?

You signup at an online education institute and enter in your schooling and areas of expertise. Every site has different requirements, with most requiring you to either have graduated or be enrolled in 4 year post-secondary schooling and will need you to provide proof before your registration can be accepted. Some sites focused on teaching secondary languages don’t have that requirement.


For people who excel in school and want to make some extra money, this is a very viable option.

Based on the platform you either have a specific class and students (much like an online teacher), have individual students you teach 1-on-1 or you are there to answer questions for anyone who logs in. The first situation has less flexibility in schedule than the other ones. During your tutoring lessons you will use a combination of webcam, chat programs and online classrooms for the programs that have assignments students need to submit.


How Much Money Can You Make?

$250-$1000+/month. Each site pays differently often based on the course. An example of rates is Chegg paying $20/hour and TutaPoint paying $12/hour.



  • Remember to only teach courses you are very comfortable and strong in. Bad reviews could limit subsequent work at that site.

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