Comparing Different Freelance Gig Sites

Which Ones Will We Compare?

Of the freelance gig sites out there, they are all slightly different in terms of the work available, commission structure and how they operate. The three we are looking at today are some of most popular ones out there; TaskRabbit, Fiverr and Upwork.

All three are high quality, reliable sites that can pay very well. TaskRabbit focuses on more tradesmen work or work you don’t need a college education for. Fiverr and Upwork have more professional and creative jobs.


Detail of Each Ones

TaskRabbit Unlike the other two, this is focused more on blue collar work such as handyman, cleaning, delivery, errands, painting, carpentry, etc. Freelancers set their hourly rate, with work that doesn’t require extensive experience, such as delivery, charging much less than someone such as a carpenter. Customers enters the work they need done, the system shows potential qualified freelancers in the area and the customer chooses the one they want to work with. Commission is a flat 15% (material cost is excluded from commission costs).

FiverrThis site is has services like computers support, web development, graphic design, writing, office administration, marketing, accounting, videos, music and audios. Freelancers sell their work as packaged services with the amount you can charge increasing based on your level in the system. As you complete more jobs successfully your level increases as does the potential rate you can charge. Clients browse through all the freelancers and choose which ones to work with. Commission is a flat 20%.

UpworkThis site is focused on many of the same services as Fiverr with the exception that Upwork doesn’t have explicitly have gigs for video, music and audio. Here freelancers charge an hourly rate that they determine. Customers post the work they need done and either find a freelancer or the freelancer finds them. Commission ranges between 5%-20% based on how much work you have done with the client. More successful work means a lower commission, thus more money in your pocket.


Comparing TaskRabbit, Fiverr and Upwork

Which One Is Right For You?

Trades (carpentry, electrical, etc) or Event Staffing (ex: bartending) TaskRabbit is the only one offering this type of work.

Cleaning, delivery, shopping, moving or event staffing (ex: bartending)
TaskRabbit is the only one offering this type of work.

Music, videos and audio work
Fiverr focuses on this. While you likely can do some of it as part of other focus areas in Upwork (such as marketing material), Fiverr allows you to really specialize here.

Other professional services
Upwork and Fiverr are fairly similar in terms of work available. Fiverr takes more commission. This is especially true for work that is over $500. Also, Fiverr takes many successful jobs before you can charge a very large fee while Upwork doesn’t. That will likely impact people with more experience who likely could charge large fees on the first day. However, Fiverr ‘s prepackaged services is actually very useful and takes a lot of risk away from the freelancer. Those clearly defined services outline the deliverables, the timing and cost. One of the easiest ways to get negative reviews is that all these expectations are not very clearly ironed out up front with the client and in writing.

If you are very comfortable negotiating deliverables, timing and estimating costs upfront with the client then I recommend starting with Upwork . Otherwise, while you are just starting I recommend Fiverr .

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