Making Money From Selling Graphic Designs

What Is It?

Design marketplaces allow you to sell your graphic designs directly to clients or enter in contests to compete for projects for money and to increase their client base.

How Does It Work?

These design marketplaces allow graphic designers to register and sell almost any type of design they want including logos, web/app designs, clothing, merchandise, labels, art and book/magazine designs.


Design marketplaces often have two ways of earning income. The first way is that a designer posts their portfolio and clients select them for custom work. Once selected, the designer sets their rate and if the client agrees then they work directly together on the project. Another benefit of the marketplace is that it will handle the payments and any necessary online storage of files. This is very similar to freelancing work.

Another way these marketplaces operate are through contests. With these contests, clients post their work for designers to compete on. Some sites have prepackaged services with fixed costs while with other sites the clients set the budget. Designers can find open contests and submit designs. As it is a contest, the client chooses from multiple designs. The winning designer gets the prize pot (minus fees) but the other designers do not receive any compensation. Another benefit of contests is that clients often work directly with the winning designers for future work, increasing the designers client base.

A downside to the contests is that you could spend a lot of time designing a logo, shirt or merchandise only to not get selected. More experience designers typically don’t work on contests and instead work directly with their client base.


How Much Money Can You Make?

New designers often don’t make much money under $500/month for a lot of work. They have no direct clients and spend a lot of time competing for free against many other designers. More experienced designers will have a lot more reoccurring business with their clients, making $2,000-$4,000+/month.



  • Pick your niche where you are really talented and passionate about. This will give you an edge up on the competition.

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