Making Money Online Selling Ads

What Is It?

One of the most common ways to make money online is selling ads on a blog or website through an ad program. The program takes care of finding and displaying advertisements and then pays you when visitors view or click ads.

How Does It Work?

Online advertisements for blogs or websites are primarily displayed through the use of ad programs like WordPress WordAds or Googles AdSense.

First, you need to have a live blog or website. Then you register for an account with one of the advertising programs. Some of them have more stringent guidelines than others, such as having a live site for 3 or more sites or not having any NSFW content on your site.

Once you have been approved then it is a matter of enabling for your site. How that works is based on which platform you use for your site and how it is hosted. For example, if you are hosted through WordPress and want to use WordAds it is as easy a clicking a couple settings to enable it and choose a template for where the ads show up. Other programs or hosting typically require you to add where some HTML to your pages to add the advertisements.


After it is enabled then your ad program will automatically start showing the advertisements. Some programs, like Googe AdSense, will allow you to somewhat choose the types of ads that appear. Often, however, the ads chosen are solely based on the content you have on your pages. If you talk about software then odds are you will have more adds regarding software.

You are paid when people view the advertisement (measured in the cost per thousand or CPM) or when they click the advertisement (pay per click or PPC), again depending on the ad platform. PPC always pay a lot more than CPM, typically because the volume is a lot less and it is a lot valuable for advertisers for you to visit their site than just look at the advertisement.

How much you are paid also depends on the content on your site. Certain topics or keywords are a lot more attractive to advertisers than others and can pay 10-20 times more money. Sometimes you might have the right content but are using the wrong keywords. If you want to make money through advertising I highly recommend you research the right key words to add to your site through a product like SEMrush. It allows you to see the rough price per keywords and type in a topic to see which keywords pay the most for that topic.

All the earnings for advertisements go to the advertising program and you cash out from there.


How Much Money Can You Make?

This typically pays very little until you have 100k+ page views per month. Off the start expect to make under $10/month until your blog/website is successful. Once you have around 20,000 views per month you will make about $50. Very successful sites make $1,000-$2,000+/month in fairly passive income.

People who blog for a living combine advertising with affiliate marketing (which is where the money really is).



  • Don’t overkill your site with too many advertisements or you will lose all your viewers.
  • Having a highly engaged followers with a very clear niche blog will drive much higher clicks (and revenue) as the advertisements will be targeted towards them.
  • Research keywords and make sure your site has the highest paying relevant ones.

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