Making Money Online Streaming Twitch

What Is It?

Twitch has gamers stream themselves playing video games and the successful ones can make money doing this.

How Does It Work?

Playing videos games to make money sounds like a dream many teenagers have and thanks to Twitch it is now a (possibly) viable way to make money. However to make any real money it takes a lot of time, skill and charisma.

To get started you first need to setup a Twitch account/channel, a good camera and some skill playing a video game. Initially you don’t make any money. While you are playing a video game you can broadcast it live on Twitch. People who are on Twitch can then open your channel and watch you play.

The goal here is to be entertaining so people keep on coming back to watch and support you. If people find you entertaining enough they will follow you (still no money).

Once you have 50+ followers, 500+ total broadcast minutes, 7+ different broadcast days and an average of 3 concurrent viewers then you can sign up to be an affiliate. Affiliates can finally start making money through subscriptions, donations and game sales.


Subscriptions is when your followers enjoy watching you so much they want to donate $5-$25/month to watch you play (50% goes to Twitch). Donation is when you are playing watching can “cheer” you on by sending you some money. Finally game sales are when the game you are playing appears below your stream and if someone buys it then you get 5% of the revenue.

The next level of revenue is the Partner. Twitch looks at the Partners as the top streamers so they want them to be role models, extremely entertaining, have high quality broadcasts and drive a lot of people to use Twitch. While 10% of Twitch streamers become Affiliates, only 1% become Partners. Partners need to have minimum of 25+ total broadcast minutes, 12+ different broadcast days and an average of 75 concurrent viewers all in the last 30 days just to quality. Twitch has said that is the bare minimum and other streamers have reported taking years to have 100-200 followers and still not qualifying.

Partners are able to make money on pre-broadcast ads or ones called up in the middle of a broadcast. Also, Partners are also approached about sponsor videos where they play a specific game and are paid up to $1/concurrent viewer/hour to play it.


How Much Money Can You Make?

This is not a get rich quick gig. You won’t make any money until you are an affiliate and that might take months if ever (90% don’t ever become an Affiliate). 60% of the Affiliates make less than $250/month.

If you are lucky to reach Partner level you can make very serious money. With all the revenue streams the more successful Partners make $10,000-$30,000/month. Top tier Partners bring in several millions dollars each year.



  • Video and audio quality matter. If you have low frame rate or people can’t hear you then you will struggle to keep followers.
  • Regular streaming is required to maintain followers and subscribers. One of the top Partners, Ninja, took a couple days off and in that time he lost 40,000 subscribers. Mind you, he had plenty to spare.

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