Making Money Online By Researching Questions

What Is It?

Online research companies are contacted by businesses who need research into different areas. As an online research assistant for these sites, you are researching questions of your choice and then submit your detailed answer to get paid.

How Does It Work?

Many companies have questions they need answered or research they need done. These are not questions that you can rely on a Wikipedia answer for but rather ones that require research and facts. In some cases they contact an online research agency to do the research for them. These agencies then put these questions up for research assistants to work on.

At this time, the only site that we found that really fits this model is Wonder so this article will focus specifically on that site. There are other question/answer sites out there but they either focus on people with very specific backgrounds who don’t need to provide research or they are opinion related sites.


To get started you first need to register for an account with Wonder. You will need to complete an online application, pass a quiz and then do a sample application. This is to gauge how quickly you work, how thorough you are and your ability to effectively communicate your answers. Not everyone is accepted during this process.

Once accepted as a research assistant you will need to do some free online training on how to approach researching questions, what sort of sites to use/not use, how to tackle challenging assignments and how to formulate your answers and supporting material to have the highest chance of being approved.

After you have completed your training you can work anytime you want on questions of your choice. These questions are in topics such as:

  • Recommend a product or service
  • Competitive landscape research for a business, product or service
  • Explain a trend or phenomenon
  • Gather statistics
  • Determine the size of a market

You then find research online to provide a conclusion and submit your answer, with supporting material, into Wonder. It will then be reviewed and if the answer is accepted then you get paid for it. Each question pays on average $8-$35 and are typically completed between 20-60 minutes.

Typically answers are not accepting if you don’t use trusted reference sites, are not thorough or it is now clearly written.


Overall this can be a great way to make extra money. You can work when you want and make decent money.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The amount you make depends on how much you work, how thorough you are and how clearly you write. Off the start expect this will make up to $500-$1,000 per month. More experienced researchers can make upwards $3,000+ month.



  • Ask other Wonder researchers for tips using their chat program. They can provide great feedback on good reference sites or how to approach problems differently.

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