Making Money Online As Forum or Social Media Moderators

What Is It?

When organizations need have an online forum or social media presence they need someone to moderate it. When they don’t have internal staff to do this, they outsource it to moderators firms. These firms then hire freelancers or part-time/full time employees as moderators to manage the forums/social media for their clients.

How Does It Work?

There are two types of moderator firms out there. The first kind are freelancers who work on their own hours for whatever clients they want. The other kind hires part-time/full-time staff who are working from home. As this site is focused on online gigs that can fit in with other work or school, we will only talk about the first kind but the second kind works fairly similarly and those sites will be listed at the bottom of this article.


Right now, the only site out that hires freelance moderators is Modsquad. There are a few others that say it is freelance work but once you read the details you realize it is basically an employee with a fixed schedule and clients.

With Modsquad you first need to apply. As it is a communication and online heavy role, you should have excellent communication skills and be very comfortable with both social media and online forums. Also Modsquad does expect an updated resume. Part of this process is setting the hours you want to work. This means you can’t work whenever you have a spare moment, you instead need to set your schedule. Once they review and accept your submission they will show projects for their customers that are available for your schedule and experience. You get to choose which customers and projects you want to work for. In some cases there might not be any available at the moment so check back.


As part of this work you will be moderating chat rooms, social media and discussion forums to make sure people are engaged, answering questions that you can and making sure everyone is civil. If a situation gets out of control then you escalate this within Modsquad to help resolve it.

Moderators are paid on a per hour basis once per month. Pay is typically based on experience and skillset, however the average is $8-$9. While it isn’t a lot, with it’s flexible schedule and the ability to work from home it can be a not bad way to make money online.


How Much Can You Make?

As this work is paid on a per hour basis and it all roughly pays the same, the big factor here is how much you work. This can be anywhere from under $200/month up to $1,500+/month (assuming you can work that many hours).

Freelance Websites

Part-Time/Full Time Websites

These are sites that offer part-time/full time employment as a social media/forum moderator.


  • As the pay for these roles is fairly low, try freelancing first. Most of the work there is higher paying and can be done remotely.

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