Making Money Online By Reviewing Music

What Is It?

Before new music is released, artists need to get feedback on it to determine any last minute changes that are required. In some cases they turn to a music site that offers online reviews. When you are reviewing music/products you get paid for providing constructive feedback

How Does It Work?

This works very similarly to micro tasks and online surveys. You are paid small amounts of money for doing short tasks. In this case it is listening to music and providing feedback.


At this point there is only one legitimate site that fits this model and that is
SliceThePie. There are a few other music review sites out there but either they end up being just online surveys or their pay is very questionable. For example, one site pays in points and you use a large amount of points to enter a raffle that might get you a small gift certificate. Since we are focusing more on dependable ways to make money online, for now we will only look at SliceThePie .

First you need to register on the site, which is a quick and easy process. When reviewing music you need to listen to at least 90 seconds of the song and provide a rating with detailed, constructive feedback on what you liked or didn’t like. For each completed review you get paid a small amount of money, which we will go into more later.


Overall the pay is not great. You start off making under $0.10 a review which works out to less than $2/hour. Over time, if you provide varied, well written and constructive feedback then your performance rating can rise up to a five star, which brings in roughly $5-$6/hour. Again, this is not a lot of money but it is better than nothing and does mix things if you are just doing surveys and micro tasks all day

How Much Money Can You Make?

Under $200/month off the start until you bump up your performance rating. Even then you will be lucky to make more than $500 in a month. However, like surveys and micro tasks, this is one way to make some extra spending money while in transit or while eating breakfast.




  • While it may be tempting to provide quick feedback that you copy and paste from one review to another, doing so will prevent you from raising your star rating and getting paid more per review. Also you run the risk of having your review rejected if you do that, which means wasted effort for a small paying task.

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