Making Money Online By Sharing A Short URL

What Is It?

When people share links they are often long and cumbersome. There are some companies that give you a free tool to shrink URLs. When you are sharing a small url like this, you get paid when people click on it.

How Does It Work?

Online sharing is now part of the new normal in society. You share funny cat videos, pictures of your grand-kids, news articles and more. Just in North America millions of shared links are clicked every day. Advertisers see this as a great opportunity to display ads to a captive audience. They work with specific URL shortening services so that when someone clicks a special shortened link they user is first brought to an ad before the shared content. Every time a link is clicked you are paid, even if someone jumps off the ad right away.


This originally sounded like a easily debunked scam, however after a lot of research this actually proves to be a legitimate source of passive income that is very easy to get going. It can, however, be annoying to people you share links with as not everyone wants to look at an ad before watching whatever it is you are sharing.

You first sign-up at one of the free url shortener sites that pay out (not all do). Be careful about which ones you sign-up at as there are ones that are less reputable than others. The three we found to be legitimate are LinkShrink, and CPMlink. Registering is extremely quick.

Once registered you simply go to the site and enter in a link you want to be shrinked. It will give you back a special small url that you can include anywhere, including social media or emails.


Whenever anyone clicks the small url they will be brought to an advertisement page first. There will be a button on the page that someone can click through as fast as they want. Every click will generate revenue depending on where the viewer is coming from. It ranges between $1.5/$5.0 per thousand views. That sounds like a lot and it is if you share something to 5 or 10 people. If you share things to much larger groups on social media and they share to other people, then this could easily add up.

How Much Money Can You Make?

This is actually some of the easiest passive income we have found as long as you have a wide social network. Those with larger social networks or who share viral material (funny memes, videos, etc) make $100-$200+/month doing pretty much what they already were doing. It would, however, be quite difficult to bring in more than $1,000 per month unless you regularly post extremely viral content.




  • Be careful about use these shortened links to promote something else you are trying to make money off of, like affiliated links, online stores, eBooks, etc. People will be less likely to buy something if they have to watch an ad to get there.

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