Different Ways For A Graphic Designer To Make Money

Can A Graphic Designer Make Money Online?

Yes they can. A graphic designer is one of the professions that has a wide variety of ways to make money online. It all comes down to how versatile you are and if you are looking for some passive income or consistent money.

What Type Of Work Is Available?

There are three main ways a graphic designer can make extra money online; licensing content, selling stock photos/images and doing custom freelance work.


Licensing T-shirt And Logo Designs

Licensing is a way of designing a product but then giving the rights for someone to sell, make and distribute. Whenever the product is sold you get a commission. Graphic design markets, like TeeSpring, that are designed around this model but for graphic designers. You make t-shirt and logo designs, licensing them to TeeSpring. They take care of selling shirts online as well as the shipping and customer service. The commission per sale isn’t a lot but with a large portfolio of quality shirts and logos, you can make some good passive income. Read more about this here.

Selling Stock Photos/Images

Most of the photos and images you see online are stock photos or images that photographers or graphic designers license to marketplaces like ShutterStock. It works similar to licensing t-shirt designs in that once you upload your items to the marketplace, they take care of selling it and giving you a commission for each sale. You won’t get rich but it is a good way to generate a passive income while you have some spare time. Read more about this here.


Selling Custom Work By Freelancing

Freelancing is where you signup to a hub, post your profile and samples of your portfolio. Customers with work either post their project requirements online and you bid for it, or they like the work in your portfolio and contact you directly. It can be hard to break into this due to the competition however it can be quite lucrative once you have been doing it for a while and have some consistent customers.

There are two types of freelance sites; ones dedicated 100% to graphic design and ones that provide many different services such as writing, marketing, web development, etc. Specialized graphic design sites typically have more graphic design work while the more generalized ones allow you to work on many different types of projects granted you are versatile. Read more about the specialized sites here and the generalized marketplaces here

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