Making Money Online As A Guest Writer

What Is It?

There are some very popular websites/blogs that are always looking for guest writers to write about their area of expertise. If you are a great writer, with a lot of background in a particular area, you can make extra money writing for different websites while also improving traffic to your own blog.

How Does It Work?

While success in the real world is based on networking, success online often is just the same. To improve the variety of articles on a popular website and to drive in extra traffic, some more popular blogs pay for guest writers. A guest writer is someone who is very experienced in a topic, often with a history in writing about it online, offers to write an article specifically for that blog.


Each site has an online submission form. The form outlines the requirements for submitting articles (more on this below) and how much they pay for each article. Depending on the site and the length of the article, pay varies between $25-$500+.

Requirements for every site vary however they all are required to be a certain length often between 250-2000 words. Here are some other common requirements:

  • Write an article about a particular topic
  • The site can edit it after submission
  • Can’t duplicate another topic that is already on that site
  • Must be written solely for that site
  • Minimal number of links to your own site
  • Must focus on a particular topic

Once you are comfortable with the requirements you fill in the submission form. Most of these submission forms are focused on pitching your idea and explaining why you think they should choose you to write for them. After typically 1-2 weeks they will get back to you if they want you to write for them. If so you will have a deadline to complete and submit the finished article in either Word, HTML or other site-specific formats. When the site posts your article depends on their schedule but it is typically 1-2 weeks later. If you do a great job some sites might even ask you to be a recurring guest writer.


Besides the benefit of getting paid, you also get name recognition (which can help if you are also trying to sell your own book) and a back link to your own blog. This can drive a lot more traffic to your site and improve your search rankings.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Being a guest writer is meant to be more of some extra money and traffic to your site than reliable extra income. If you are just starting out, expect it to be very difficult to make any money doing this as competition is fierce. Once you are much more experienced you could make up to $500-$1000+/month and even more if you are asked to be a regular writer.


Blogs/Websites That Pay For Guest Articles

Freedom With Writing has a great article that was the inspiration for this list. However, since it was built about half the sites they listed no longer accept articles. Below are the ones that have been confirmed to still accept paid articles. Still check out their site as they a lot of great information on guest writing.

Finance/Investment Related

General Interest/Entertainment








  • Competition to be a guest writer is quite intense with some sites filling up 1-2 months in advance. If a site doesn’t accept any more submissions, check back in a few weeks.
  • Articles you submit need to be more than interesting and a different take on a popular topic. They also should be great leading articles, that make readers want to visit your blog and read more details about certain topics.
  • Make sure that on your blog you mention any guest articles you write. This will help reinforce your credibility as an expert in your field.

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  1. how is this possible
    online earned money
    iam not believe this?

    • Based on my research, there are many legitimate ways to make money online. I avoid any that are scams. You can see how to spot online scams at my article about scams. When finding online work, the key is finding what works for you based on your skills, interests and time available. Don’t get me wrong, none of these will get you rich quick. Many of these you wouldnt be able to do full time either, at least until you have a lot of experience and regular customers.

  2. Brothers say the truth is that no one wants to help anyone who is selfish in this world
    Yes I definitely want to earn on line
    But there is no one to guide me. Many people are turning to the doors of work, but nobody wants to teach them to work.
    Hope all my hopes are going to end in the day
    I do not understand what I will do?

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