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UPDATE April 17th

I’ve tried ReviewStream for a couple of weeks now and it’s reinforced my view on it. Even though it is not a scam, it is the most confusing ever designed. Many people have mentioned they made pretty decent money on it. However, after trying it myself a few times I am throwing in the towel on it. Every time I use the site a small part of me dies inside as it is so poorly designed.

What Is It?

Online shopping is a continually growing business that is heavily supported by product reviews. One way companies get product reviews is through product review websites. With this opportunity, you are writing product reviews and actually making decent money.

How Does It Work?

Writing product reviews for money can seem a little odd as there are an endless number of sites that gather product reviews for free. Some are short two line product reviews or others are simple surveys you fill out, sometimes for a little money. However, what is typically hard to find are detailed, well-written product reviews.


Paid product review sites seem to be a dying industry. While online survey sites are thriving, in the last few years there have been many product review sites that have shut down. The only one that we found so far that is still fairly successful and doesn’t appear to be a low-paying scam is ReviewStream. Until we find other legitimate sites, we will stick to just reviewing this one.

First off, anyone looking at ReviewStream may think it is confusing and a big scam. The first part is true, it is hard to figure out how to use it. However, based on research, ReviewStream is a legitimate site and pays pretty well.


To start off, you don’t register for the site. Instead, you click on buttons that say “Sell Content” and write a product review on pretty much anything you want. While you are doing that you enter in your email address that has to match an existing PayPal account. Your product review has to be detailed, well-written, with at least 250 works and be based on your opinion of a product you have used. If you copy and paste reviews or product descriptions in here, you will either not get paid or could even get banned.

They are not looking to buy positive reviews where you lie to make the products look good. Instead, they are simply looking for honest reviews that others can trust.

After it is submitted it will be reviewed by the ReviewStream over the next couple days. If they accept your review they will pay you either 100%, 20% or 0% depending on their slightly obscure criteria. Typically lower payouts are when articles are insincere, too short or are hard to understand.

Typical 100% payout rates are actually quite good, ranging from $5-$25 based on the product category and type of review that you write.

How Much Money Can You Make?

Writing product reviews is something you can easily make up to $500-$1000+ per month, as long as you are good at it and it is for products you actually use. The problem some people have is primarily that reviews are sometimes rejected or the payout is only 20%, often with little description why.




  • While it may be tempting to provide feedback on products you haven’t used, doing so will likely give you a lower payout or you could even be banned.
  • As the submission process is initially confusing to use, take your time before jumping in. Write one review for the site and make sure it passes their submission process so you can see how much you are paid and that it is worth your while.

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  1. I know this is a year later, but I feel this needs to be said. As the OP presents, Reviewstream is not worth the time and effort. The site is confusing, their own rules and pay structure arbitrary. They ask for honest opinions, yet want precise information; as well as images to support that information. They WILL refuse to pay for, or even bother to read; whatever reviews they feel like. This could be anything from not using their “correct” Template, to writing reviews for what products they believe to be “too old and nobody is interested”.

    The issue is that none of these arbitrary and vague notions are ever pointed out, nor discussed. They’ll leave a simple “thank you, but no thank you”; and send you on your way. Your time and sanity is worth more than that. Do yourself a favor, don’t bother. They will toss whatever they fell like tossing, and they will change your pay whenever they feel like it.

    • Well said. I am struggling to understand how they ever thought their site design would make sense. This site was identified as legitimate by many sources while I was doing my research but save yourself time and avoid it!

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