Making Money Online As A Revenue Sharing Writer

What Is It?

A revenue sharing writer is like a blogger who only has to write articles and then gets a percentage of any revenue the writing forums make.

How Does It Work?

One challenge of managing your own blog is that it takes time and some money initially setting up the blog. If you are not technical, then adding in ways to make money, like monetization links or advertisements, can also be confusing. As a revenue sharing writer, all you need to worry about is writing on a writing hub and you get a portion of all the revenue.


You first sign-up for at one of the revenue sharing writer hubs. Two of the most popular sites are HubPages and Medium. Then you read their guidelines for what sort of material you can post and any standards they have. Overall these writing forums are quite open so you can write on almost any topic you like.

Different writing forums have different ways of making money, be it built-in advertisements or subscription costs. Regardless of how the hubs make their money, they then share a portion of the proceeds with the writers based on how much their articles have been viewed and/or liked. Some hubs also allow affiliate marketing as well, which opens another source of revenue.

Even though this is writing content for another blog/website, this is different from being a guest writer in the following ways.

  • You own the content on revenue sharing writing forums. Guest writers do not.
  • You are paid a variable amount per month which is a small passive income stream. Guest writers are paid a much larger one-time flat fee.
  • Being a guest writer is much more difficult to break into and they are are very prescriptive about the topic and your writing style.
  • Revenue sharing writing platforms are designed for more of the hobby writer while guest writers tend to be more professional writers.

How Much Money Can You Make?

These are not meant to bring in a lot of money unless you get very popular. As most writers are hobbyists, about 50% of revenue sharing writers make less than $30/month. Those that heavily market their sites, have a loyal following, publish regularly and most importantly employ affiliate marketing in their posts can make upwards of $2,000+/month.

While this is a lot of work writing the articles, it is also low risk and a good way to break into online writing. Also, it is a passive income stream so over time if you decide to shift towards more freelance or guest writing, these revenue sharing forums will continue to bring in money.


Revenue Sharing Writing Forums


  • Make sure to market your articles on social media. This will attract more traffic and help slowly build a loyal following. If you simply write articles and never market them, you will never make much, if any, money.

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