Different Ways For A Writer To Make Money Online

Can A Writer Make Money Online?

Yes, they can. Writers have the largest number of different opportunities to make money online. It all comes down to how versatile you are, your experience and if you are looking for some passive or active income.

What Type Of Work Is Available?

There are seven main ways a writer can make extra money online; blogging, revenue sharing writing forums, product/music reviews, content mills, guest writing, freelancing, and writing eBooks.

High-Level Overview

Comparing different ways for writers to make money.
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Blogging offers writers the ultimate freedom to write about whatever they want. Through great online blogging tools, like WordPress, a new blogger can have their blog up and running within a few hours with no technical experience required. Once you have a solid base of articles and followers you can then make money by selling advertisement space, leveraging affiliate links, selling products or even having a paid subscription area. Typically the effort to write all the articles and build up your followers makes this a long term play. However, if you have a large enough following then you can bring in some good money each month with very little effort.
Read more about this here.

Writing Music/Product Reviews

Writing music or product reviews may not allow you to exercise your creative muscles but they let you express your opinions on different music or products and get paid for them. The reviews are typically fairly short and the pay can be decent as long as you offer constructive well-articulated feedback. Read more about product reviews here and music reviews here.


Content Mills

Content mills are specialized freelance sites for writers, allowing them to find a wide variety of short-term writing projects. This type of work usually is less creative writing and more professional writing such as resume writing, brochures, marketing material, presentations, etc. Starting out it can be hard to get a lot of work due to the competition but it is a good way to start building a portfolio and customer base. Read more about it here.

Freelancing On Sites Like Fiverr or Upwork

Freelance sites like Fiverr or Upwork allow writers to find a much wider variety of work, especially if they have skills in other areas such as graphic design, marketing or web development. While there may be less writing jobs on these sites, if a client is looking for one person to do many aspects of a project it can lead to more lucrative work. Read more about it here.


Writing eBooks

With today’s new publishing solutions, a prospective writer can not just write their own eBook but also publish it themselves to different online book stores, like Kindle Store. You have the complete freedom to write about whatever you want, however it is so time consuming to do that you need to make sure it is a topic people will want to read about. Read more about it here.

Paid Guest Writer

Becoming a paid guest writer is one of the toughest areas to break in for a writer. There are dozens of blogs and websites out there that will pay talented writers up to $500+ for excellent articles for their site. The challenge is that they are extremely picky about who they want writing for them and on what topics. Expect to pitch many ideas and to get many rejections. However, if you do land it and do a great job then you can possibly get signed up to be a regular paid guest writer. Read more about it here.

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