Being Successful At Freelancing And Why It Sucks

A lot of what I do in my spare time is read other blogs, stories and articles about making money online. Now to be clear, I have a very low tolerance for marketing or over hype. If I even sense an article is trying to oversell something, I turn away and never come back. Instead, I particularly enjoy reading from people who have grinded it out in the online world. Not all of them are successful. Some make six figures and some barely make minimum wage. Yet they all have stories I can relate and learn from. And often you learn as much from the failures as you do the successes. This week I have been reading about being successful at freelancing and why it sucks.


These are articles that provide tips to help you, stories to inspire you and stories that make you wince real it can actually be. They are just there, simply to tell you their story and share their advice.

I want to have a new series, where once a week or so I share some of the best articles I am reading. These will each follow a theme, often about a similar way to make money online. I hope you enjoy them and feel free to share any others you like reading.

What I Am Reading This Week

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