All The Different Ways To Make Money Online

UPDATE – March 23, 2019 – Up from 13 ways to make money online to 21

Many sites or people make grand promises of making millions in a month. This isn’t that site. Making money online (a.k.a. online hustle) takes time, effort, patience and finding the areas that work best for you. Some pay very little but are good if you have 30 minutes here or there to spend on it. Others don’t make much money but it is passive income that keeps paying out months later. And others are a complete long shot of making any money but if after a couple years you hit the top 1% then you could take home an extreme amount of money.

Below is a summary of the different ways to make money online. Each with a realistic view of how long it takes and roughly how much money you can realistically make.

Very Low Effort – Not Much Money

  • Online surveys – Fill in short surveys online or in an app. While it isn’t huge money, I am a fan of them when you are looking to kill 20 minutes. I only fill them in while I am having my breakfast and I made $20 this week.
  • Micro-tasks – Do very short tasks online but for very little money (usually under $1 and even under $0.50). These are usually the last thing people do, however it is always an option.
  • Reviewing Music and Other Products – Before artists & designers release new songs or products they like to get some feedback. Offer constructive feedback and get a small amount of money for each one.
  • Shortening & Sharing Links – You can use specific sites to shorten the links you want to share to content or viral videos. When people click on them you get paid. The catch is they have to look at an advertisement first.

Medium-High Effort – Ok Passive Income Stream:

  • Licensing t-shirt and logo design – Similar to selling graphic designs, here you make a t-shirt or logo and upload it to a site. If anyone buys the t-shirt the marketplace will take care of making it, shipping it and paying you. Takes a while to build up a steady income but can be a great passive income stream as well.
  • Selling Ads through ad programs – In this case you leverage an Ad program like Google Adsense and WordPress WordAds to easily incorporate advertisements into your site. The key here is how to maximize revenues through high paid keywords. Won’t get you rich but good passive income.
  • Selling stock photos, images, video and audio – Sell high quality media you create on sites like Shutterstock. Won’t make you a fortune but it is a great way to setup a passive income stream if you are talented and already have a large portfolio.
  • Write a blog – When setup correctly for the right niche, a blog can drive passive income through advertisements, affiliate networks or even online stores.
  • Write an eBook – Write your own book and self-publish to online bookstores. When people buy it you get some commission.

Medium-High Effort – Good Money:

  • Affiliate marketing – You signup for affiliate marketing sites and get special links for products that you can advertise through social media or on a website. Then you get paid either if someone clicks the link or buys the product. This is the number one way most blogs/websites make their money, however many marketers take it too far and just spam people with messages.
  • Food Delivery – Similar to Ridesharing, this is where you deliver food for companies like Uber Eats or SkipTheDishes. You don’t need as fancy/new of a vehicle as RideSharing but otherwise it is very similar.
  • Forum Moderator – Companies with social media or forums often hire moderator firms to moderate those platforms for them. As a freelance moderator you can work from the comfort of your home, moderating forums/social media of some of the biggest brands out there.
  • Freelance Websites – These sites allow you to find small project work either local or online. The work can pay very well (many roles are $25-$50+/hr based on the type of work). The work you can find is quite varied including general labor, running errands, carpentry, plumbing, data entry, programming, writing, document translation, etc.
  • Online tutoring – If you were really good in a class in school or know another language you can teach Grade 1 up to college. Can be some pretty good money.
  • Selling Graphic Designs – Through online marketplaces you can sell your designs directly to clients or through contests. It’s ok money however once you have a large portfolio and experience, it is more profitable to sell it on your own.
  • Researching Questions – Using the site Wonder, businesses will pay for people to research and summarize the answers. You are paid per question you answer thoroughly and experienced researchers can make up to $35/hour.
  • Ridesharing – Driver people around for Uber or Lyft. Requires a vehicle in good shape. And while you will need to pay for your own gas and vehicle maintenance, it is decent money and very flexible hours.
  • Translation – If you are really good at another language you can make some extra money as an online translator. You join a specific site and get paid for every job you complete.

High Effort – Long Shot But Long Term Payoff Can Be Substantial:

  • Making money through Twitch streaming– Similar to YouTube videos but more of a structured grind progression to the top. Streamers get money through donations, ads, game sales and subscriptions but only when they hit Associate or Partner levels. 90% of streamers make no money, only 5% make more than $250/month but top tier talent make upwards of $100k+/month.
  • Making money through YouTube videos – This is more of a long term play, much like Twitch. You setup a very popular channel and make money through advertisements, affiliate marketing, videos promoting products and Patreon sponsorship. Most people never make money (or only a little) even after a years of hard work. At the same time, for the lucky 1% this has the highest potential of any of these.
  • Online stores/e-commerce – There are many different types of online stores. Some you run 100% yourself and some you offload different aspects like shipping and customer service. It takes a while to get these off the ground and many don’t make much money, unless they have a popular niche. The very successful ones, however, can turn into hundreds of thousands in sales per year.

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