Ironically enough, StudentOnlineHustle wasn’t setup to make money at all. It was setup as a hobby site, specifically to find and share the real facts on what are legitimate ways to make money online. I found that too often people are suckered into promotional videos or ads where they are told they can get rich quick. That is a waste of time and often money for people who end up paying for training sessions or products they don’t need.

All the advertisements and affiliate referral links on this site make a fraction of the cost to pay for site licensing and support for this site. I made a concious decision early on to keep this site legitimate and not use it as a means to sell eBook training guides or do fake product endorsements just to make money. This way when I say something is reliable or a great product, you can actually take my word on it. As I said, this isn’t here to make money, just to help out.

However, if you really like the work we are doing and want to help support this site, it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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