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  • Making Money Online By Reviewing Music

    Before new music is released, artists need to get feedback on it to determine any last minute changes that are required. In some cases they turn to a music site that offers online reviews. This is one way to make money online by reviewing music and providing constructive feedback.

  • Making Money As An Online Translator

    Businesses often need someone to translate their documents or presentations from one language. Someone who is proficient in multiple languages can register with an translating freelancer site and choose which jobs they want to work on.

  • Comparing Different Affiliate Marketing Platforms

    There are many different affiliate marketing platforms out there and it is important to select the right ones to for your site and to make money online.

  • Making Money Online Writing eBooks

    Writers can write and publish an electronic book (a.k.a eBook) to an online bookstore. When you are selling eBooks, the customer automatically gets the book and you get paid a portion of the cost in the form of passive income.

  • Making Money Online As Forum or Social Media Moderators

    When organizations need have an online forum or social media presence they need someone to moderate it. When they don’t have internal staff to do this, they outsource it to moderators firms. These firms then hire freelancers or part-time/full time employees as moderators to manage the forums/social media for their clients.